Direct Deposit

It's Simple, Safe and Secure!

Tired of taking time to deposit your paycheck? Now you can get your pay the safe and reliable way, using Direct Deposit.

With Direct Deposit, your employer sends a credit to your financial institution, and your funds are deposited into your account automatically on payday. Most likely, your employer will provide a statement on payday indicating the amount of money credited to your account.

With Direct Deposit, your check can't get lost or stolen. Wherever you are on payday, traveling on business, away on vacation or sick at home, your money is deposited automatically.

Signing up for Direct Deposit is easy. Ask your employer for a Direct Deposit authorization form today and soon you'll be getting your pay the safe and reliable way!

You can also have your Social Security check deposited straight into your account. Just contact the Social Security office for a Direct Deposit authorization form.

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